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Students desk lamps in the market

In the work of prevention of myopia, we have to emphasize that we had better use the table lamps with scientific, at the same time, the desk lamps would be very important for the students. We always want to use the desk lamps, at the same time, the lamps would follow our life. Since the good desk lamps has deep influence for our vision.

However, when we face various best desk lamps, as the parents, how to choose the proper desk lamps for your kids. Many parents would feel confused. In fact, how to choose the proper desk lamps. If we want to choose the bright desk lamps, in fact, that is not correct.
best desk lamps

What is the standard for table lamps? When we choose the warm color bulbs, the color temperature would be 4000K, the warm color would be proper for our eyes, at the same time, table lamps would not be straight light, the light would be soft, at the same time, the light would be best sight in 750LX, we also could replace the lighting with desk lamps, there are few students would think that the lighting bulb is very bright, it is enough for the homework, in fact that is not correct.

We always install the white incandescent lamps and daylight lamps, at the same time, that is far away from the table is one meter, at this time, the lighting would be not over 300Lx, it is far from the 750Lx which is proper for the desk lamps. If kids read books at this environment, parents would not choose the table lamps with this lighting bulb.